Periplo Variete is a string puppet music show. Improvisation with the audience is essential. We love play it in theaters, streets, squares, parks… This show has been in specialized national festivals such as the Títirimadroño Festival at the Teatro de Títeres del Retiro (Madrid, Spain) or TitereMurcia (Murcia, Spain) and in international festivals such as the Charleville World Puppet Festival (France) where it premiered or the Aurillac Street Festival (France).
The cast are realistic puppets who interact each other: the four of Liverpool, TitiriBeatles; the rock band, Rolling Puppets; A jazz diva, Ella; A
provocative rock pianist, Jack; A skater rookie, Blonde and an acrobat cat, Mr. Cat. The children (as well as the older ones) are sure to have a great time. And many more surprise… 
Audience: All audience
Type: Variete Show
Duration: 40 min.
Technic: String puppets

[R]EVOLUTION: The end of tomorrow

2018 Finalist TEATheater Festival (Toledo Escena Abierta) and special mention to CIA PERIPLO MARIONETAS for “The successful work of fusion of dissimilar theatrical media and languages” and “The brilliant manipulation of puppets and theatrical elements that they have deployed in the montage “[R]EVOLUTION – The End of Tomorrow.”
Audiovisual musical show that introduces us to a perfect ‘What if…’ What if Thomas Edison had met in Vienna in 1914 with a Traveler from 2114. A temporal string that tells us about programmed obsolescence, the environment, the human brain and our instincts . A story full of adventures, traps, enigmas and love. Subtitled Spectacle: English, French and Portuguese.
Synopsis: Vienna 1914. The electrification of cities, mass production and oil are changing everything too fast. The world is becoming smaller for the great empires that are about to measure their forces. John Conrad is a disillusioned adventurer who is tasked with finding Thomas Edison, last seen in the mysterious show of the charismatic magician Nicolai and his beautiful daughter. In the catacombs of the old theater, our protagonist will find an incredible truth: a terrible plan to save the world.

Audience: Youth (+12 años) and Adult
Type: Fantastic-noir
Duration: 60 min.
Technic: String puppets and video-projection (mapping)